Expired Indie Royale

Published on April 11th, 2013 | by Nidde


Indie Royale: The Spring Sun Bundle

Active: April 11th, 2013 – April 17th, 2013



This bundle lasts about as long as we’ve seen the sun this season, but The Spring Sun Bundle has a great lineup.

Indie Royale Spring Bundle shelf

Indie Royale Spring Bundle bonus

  • Knytt Underground
  • The Real Texas
  • Monday Night Combat
  • Gentrieve 2

Most of the games count as a Desura-game, but Monday Night Combat comes with a Steam key instead. Bear in mind though that Super MNC is a free-to-play title on Steam. Although it’s full of in-app purchases which may or may not be pay-to-win; hopefully not. While SATAZIUS looks like a really good time for all shooter-fans, the instalment from the Knytt universe is what we find most interesting.

And as per usual, if you put in more than $8 you get a little bonus in the form of some music. This edition contains Adventures in Pixels by Ben Landis as well as the soundtrack to The Real Texas and Gentrieve 2

Happy Gaming!

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