Expired Humble Indie Bundle 7

Published on December 19th, 2012 | by Nidde


Humble Indie Bundle 7

Active: December 19, 2012 – January 2, 2013


There’s no warning when these things pop up, suddenly they’re just there. And it’s always the same procedure, but different games. Which isn’t bad. In fact, it’s damn nice. All the games included in the bundle are DRM-free, meaning you can buy it an then put it on as many machines as you’d like. They’re also, as ofthen as possible, available on multiple platforms. Meaning you can play them both on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Alongside the games you also receive the soundtracks to some of the games

The more interesting thing about these bundles are the payment details. The whole bundle is posted as “Pay What You Want”, so if you feel that all these games together are worth only €1 then you can pay that minute amount and still receive the bundle. However, you’re required to match, or pay more than, the average payment other people have made to get access to the entire bundle. Not only that, you’re also in control of how your payment is divided between the developers (even down to the individual developers of each game), the selected charities, and the Humble Bundle itself.

Humble Indie Bundle 7 shelf

This bundle contains a great collection of games, and a movie. Yeah, that’s right, a movie. But it’s an indie movie about indie games. Look forward to a review in early 2013. Aside from the games listed when the bundle is announced, they have a tendency to add titles along the lifetime of the bundle.

Humble Indie Bundle 7:

  • Snapshot
  • The Binding of Isaac, incl. Wrath of the Lamb DLC
  • Closure
  • Indie Game: The Movie
  • Shank 2


  • Child’s Play Charity
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation

Above Average Bonuses:

And for a short introduction to each game, while you await reviews to start poppin’ up here, there’s a video that presents the bundle.


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