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Published on November 12th, 2013 | by Nidde


Humble Bundle opens Humble Store

We usually give a lot of love to the Steam store and it’s been our go-to place when purchasing games, unless we’ve been looking at bundles. But as of yesterday we may have a new place to call home, as Humble Bundle have opened their very own store. Developers have had access to a Humble Store Widget for quite some time, and when we list a game available for purchase “Direct” from a developer that is usually the system they’ll use.

This, however, is separate from the widget. The Humble Store will feature games and daily deals that do not affect the items sold “directly” by the developers, but some of the same titles will be included in the store. Right now it’s very much a case of quality beating out quantity, but we’re guessing the selection will grow over time. All the games have nifty little info-icons when you hover over them indicating what features are included with a purchase: Steam key, DRM-Free, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Naturally there’s some controversy stapled together with this as well. 10% of everything sold via the store will go to charity. Some people are upset that they can not opt out of one of those charities being Child’s Play, a charity founded by Penny Arcade. has a great article with some links that explains the whole thing, if you enjoy reading that is.

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