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Published on November 4th, 2013 | by Nidde


Humble Bundle locking down Steam keys

We do love what the people over at Humble Bundle does to bring us great games for cheap, or even cheaper. But now they’re going to lock down their service a little bit when it comes to how you get your Steam keys.

Humble Bundle created the new key redemption process to make it easier to redeem keys for personal use and harder to resell Humble purchases. Reducing game resale will enhance our ability to bring newer and bigger games to future Humble Bundles while still letting consumers pay what they want, get great games and support charity.

We can’t really argue with that. We know we haven’t been the ideal clients to HB that we could have been, but this will actually make any giveaways we do in the future simpler. Because this new system will require you to connect your Steam account to your Humble Bundle account (or an individual download page) and you games will pop up in your library automatically. You, and we as well, can still gift bundles however we want, but individual keys are not going to be handed out in the future.

How will this change what we’re doing with Humble Bundle? Not much. Since we now realized that we’re not allowed to give away individual keys (sorry about doing that, Humble Bundle, we meant no harm) we will stop that practice instantly and will just give away entire bundles in the future.

You can read an entire FAQ on the subject right here:


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