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Published on December 17th, 2013 | by Nidde



So if you’re a regular viewer/reader you may be asking where the content has gone, as there hasn’t been any updates for almost a week. And there’s a reason for that. It’s called a mid-season break, or hiatus, when it’s referring to a TV series. We’ll be back with new content in January, but until then we’re just going to enjoy life and do some other stuff that needs doing. So here’s what’s going on:


This series has actually met it’s end. It’s done. We’ve done 100 games and it’s served its purpose, which was to just play a lot of games. But the thing that such a program can’t really convey is a genuine take on a game, it really is just 20 minutes of a game. While the cold-start aspect of it was kind of fun it also led to inaccuracies and some boring episodes where nothing happens and many of the games don’t get to prove their metal and show why they exist. It also hinders us from sinking as many hours into a game that we would like, since we have to get on with the next one. Yes, a few have still been completed, but not as many as we would like. So what we’re going to do is create a farewell episode for the series in the season 5 summary and then we’ll leave the three-videos-per-week schedule behind us.

50 gamechangers

This series will continue, but we can not guarantee that it will keep posting three times per week, we may scale it down to two times. Other than that, it will still keep going and all 50 games will be listed.

An interesting addendum to that category is that one of the games, Wasteland 2, recently went up for Early Access on Steam

Bundles & Deals

Like previously stated, we won’t be doing any more listings for deal and bundles unless something truly spectacular comes along.

New series and concepts

The void that Experiments will leave opens up some extra time. However, this entire project is very dependent on personal finances and scheduling, which means that if we’re swamped with other stuff then i500 will suffer and there’s really nothing that can be done about that. But that is somewhat the whole point of this project, that it’s not a well oiled machine and outside factors really does affect the whole thing.

But we’ll definitely do something new when we return.


Until then,
Happy Gaming!

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For 500 days, from January 1st, 2013, until May 16th, 2014, Nidde will set aside all AAA-titles and only play indie games to find out if the indie scene can replace the big budget landscape.

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