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Published on September 15th, 2013 | by Nidde


Halfway mark

It passed us by quite unnoticed actually, but we are now more than halfway through the project; more than 250 days have passed. So we thought it might be a good time to actually address where we are and such.

State of the Project

The site

We’ve moved the site around quite a bit, trying to find a nice server to house it. We settled on an Amazon AWS solution eventually and it’s been serving us quite well ever since. On the subject of what’s posted on the site, we were kind of hoping to have more written content available, but that simply hasn’t happened. No excuses; but then again, are you really here for the written material?


We had a dream, hoping to tie the whole project to a charity and give that charity a nice payday. What has happened there is basically nothing. We’ve contacted charities, but have gotten nowhere. We also tried to get the winners of our giveaways to help out by kindly asking that they give a little something to a charity of their choice. That’s didn’t really happen either. So far we only have one confirmed donation from the winner of our DmC: Devil May Cry giveaway. So we’re just going to ignore that aspect of it all, and keep giving to charity by buying bundles.


Chances are we will not give away any more big titles.

We had some pretty big giveaways in the past, considering that this project has no money coming in; it’s all coming out of a private wallet. And that includes server-costs, maintenance, traffic, prizes; everything. We’re running no ads, not monetizing our YouTube videos, or making money in any way. This means that the giveaways are very dependent on the private economy behind it. So here’s a quote for you: Chances are we will not give away any more big titles. At the time of writing we’re giving away a copy of GTA V, but that may be the last one. We’ll see.

However, we will continue to buy bundles and whenever we get a spare key we’ll pass it on to you on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed.


The ultimate truth may very well still fall out to the fact that the word has to be defined by the individual, but we’ve gotten a whole new insight to its meaning.

The course of the project really has opened our eyes to what indie really means and doesn’t mean. The ultimate truth may very well still fall out to the fact that the word has to be defined by the individual, but we’ve gotten a whole new insight to its meaning. We’ve also grown to understand how a game can be indie, yet published by a big company. But that wasn’t anything new, we just got a new understanding for it. Also, we’ve seen that there are studios that identify as indie studios that may not qualify for said banner by the public. For instance, the developers of Ni No Kuni, Level-5. Would you classify them as indie? Then there are those that will never be called indie, but the project is very much indie by several definitions. The card game that’s currently in closed beta, Hearthstone, by Blizzard, should be called an indie game on several levels, but it never will be. We’re asking why? It’s developed entirely by a small team that are keeping their vision throughout the entire development of the game without pressure from an outside publisher. The thing that will disqualify it would be that it’s funded by Blizzard, which is too big for anyone to accept that them self-publishing is actually independent.

Perhaps that’s the big difference, the use of the word “independent” versus the word “indie”.

We’ve also gone through a bunch of emotions when it comes to releases, especially now that the next generation of consoles are coming up and they seem to embrace the indie-scene quite nicely. But we’ll save our elaboration on that subject for when the project ends.


Thing is, we’re not even sure that the actual site will continue. We may very well move our entire operation to our YouTube channel. First of all, we need to see the project cross the finish-line, but then we’ll see.

But what is the future for our videos then?

Since we still haven’t found a great way to publish written material here, simply because we can’t really decide how to format what we would put up, the more logical thing to do would be to convert those things to a video-format. That means we’ll just have to figure out how to do said material in a video way instead. But we think that would actually be easier.


This series will continue in its current form, just cold-start videos of games that fall into our hand through choice or per request. This doesn’t mean we take request, but we do accept recommendations. The requirements are still that we haven’t played the game before, and that there’s a full release available; no betas or early access.

Quick Pick

Not much activity in this category. Because we haven’t found a great solution for recording these episodes yet. We’re also in dispute if the episodes should be edited or the entire minute should be one take; which some titles aren’t really accommodating.

New series

If we’re actually transferring what we thought would be written reviews into a video format, we’re gonna need a new series for that. And since we’re not doing anything with the journal maybe we should start some sort of vlog instead? Again, we’ll see what happens.

The Future

The project doesn’t have any reason to not see itself to completion right now, so we’re going to keep going. When the project is finished there may very well be some changes, but until then we’re just going to keep going. We’ll create more episodes, keep posting bundles, and give away stuff. Less than halfway to go.

Happy gaming!

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For 500 days, from January 1st, 2013, until May 16th, 2014, Nidde will set aside all AAA-titles and only play indie games to find out if the indie scene can replace the big budget landscape.

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