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Collateral damage

How do you spend your time when you’re commuting? If you’re driving you’re supposed to watch the road, but if you’re riding the train or bus you might be spending your time playing some game on your smartphone. Perhaps you’ve fallen into one of those games on facebook? You know, the ones that asks all your friends to send you carrots to feed your rabbits or something. There are a lot of big games out there that have tried the mobile and social market for games and companions, e.g. Mass Effect, Civilization and SimCity. Some integrate their games, some don’t. For instance, you could connect your Assassin’s Creed II game to the facebook game Assassin’s Creed: Project Legacy and could then gain rewards and perks on both side by completing objectives.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that just because those games are of smaller portions they’re not indie. And since they’re not indie they are considered off-limits during the project.

But not to worry, both the smartphone and social media market are great platforms for indie developers to start out, test their ideas and concepts. This means there are lots of indie games on most markets. The problem is that since it’s so easy to develop and release for these markets they’re saturated with shovelware and, quite frankly, crap. Then again, it wouldn’t be any fun if all the gems were just presented without any sort of a hunt.

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For 500 days, from January 1st, 2013, until May 16th, 2014, Nidde will set aside all AAA-titles and only play indie games to find out if the indie scene can replace the big budget landscape.

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