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Published on November 9th, 2012 | by Nidde


An aural pleasure

When you go into the music library of the biggest video games today you generally tend to find one of two things. Either it’s a big, orchestral score, or it’s mainstream – sometimes it’s even obscure – music from established bands. EA, for instance, have a big history of incorporating “hits” into their games. And there’s nothing wrong with that, they have a tendency to bring out some great songs by artists such as The Chemical Borthers, X-ecutioners, Finger Eleven and others. They also tend to lift up some smaller names that have a great sound; depending on what you’re into, naturally.

But there’s something that we won’t hear in these titles.
Have you heard of such names as Simon Viklund, Danny Baranowsky, or Darren Korb? Chances are you haven’t, yet they are the creators of some of the best video game music there is today. Music in videos games isn’t about creating a track that you put in your headphones on your way to work (although, such things do occur), it’s about creating music that keeps you in the game, sets the mood, cues events and draws you into the moment. These gentlemen have succeeded in these aspects.

The indie scene is a great place for musicians to get their stuff out. Many times a great soundtrack to an indie titles is a way for unknown artists to get their name mentioned and accolated with other composers. And the rewards we as consumers get are better games. Yet, music is often an overlooked aspect of a game and doesn’t get the credit it deserves, even though you could play the menu-song from Halo and you would be right back there in your mind.

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