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50 gamechangers: Zeno Clash 2

Scan of Zeno Clash 2 from LeveL #74

Zeno Clash 2

Format: PC, PS3, 360
Developer: ACE Team
Premiere: 2013

Not only was the Santiago-studio ACE Team’s Zeno Clash a first person brawler, the game surrealistic landscape and artistic vision are among the most gifted ever made in a video game. In the sequel – in which the dreamlike world Zenozoik is now drawn by the Unreal Engine – ACE are going to deepen the story of Father-Mother, Ghat and Golem.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

Shortly following the 2013 late-spring release on PC for  Zeno Clash 2 it also hit PS3 and 360 that summer. The reception seems to have been less than overwhelming with most reviews being disappointed by the games potential not being fully realized. Most praise lands on the story and art, while critique focuses on the lack of polish. Metacritic.com adds up the critics reviews to a score of 61 for the PC version without too much deviation from the final tally.

A first-person brawler is not an easy thing to pull off, but as it stands today there might not be another game that’s a better example of how to do it properly. And the ACE Team gathered enough confidence from ATLUS to have them publish the game, so even if the game itself was not the pinnacle of what’s doable in the Unreal engine the team, like their game, may still have potential that we have not seen yet. Perhaps we’ll yet see the time for First Person Sluggers.

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