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50 gamechangers: Wasteland 2

Scan of Wasteland 2 from LeveL #74

Wasteland 2

Format: PC, Mac
Developer: Inxile
Premiere: 2012

Nostalgia is hard currency on Kickstarter. The fans have not forgotten Wasteland – “Fallout’s spiritual ancestor” – and they have not forgotten Brian Fargo, the man whom with his Interplay amongst other things released Bioware’s Baldur’s Gate. Fargo asked for a million dollars. He got 3 million. And for their troubles the fans get the postapocalyptic RPG they’ve been dreaming of for almost 25 years.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

Even as the Kickstarter has long ended there’s still an option to donate to Wasteland 2 with the promise of a finished game. But as we’re just seeing the end of November 2013 come to a close the official website still reads that the beta is anticipated for November of 2013. And all we can do to quench the thirst is to look at minor screenshots. What we’re seeing is something that familiar to another game that recently saw it’s return from the dead, Shadowrun. Only this is has more of a western feel to it and less cyberpunk. Looking at the gameplay trailer it gets a little more animated and we see more of the genetic material that Fallout received from it. Fargo has stated that a final release date will be announced during the beta, but there’s no telling how long the game will actually be in beta. But it’s nice to see that they added Linux as a platform, seeing how that’s a thing these days.

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