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50 gamechangers: The Showdown Effect

Scan of The Showdown Effect from LeveL #74

The Showdown Effect

Format: PC, Mac
Developer: Arrowhead
Premiere: 2013

Like many other indie studios swedish Magicka-developer Arrowhead loves Super Smash Bros. So even if The Showdown Effect looks like Shadow Complex it’s rather Nintendo’s lightning fast fighting game you should be thinking of. That – and the action movies of the eighties paired with a free-for-all setup and oversized weapons. Aside from that you can live stream the madness to Twitch TV.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

The Showdown Effect was released on on March 5, 2013, and had a lot of potential to be the Smash Bros. of the PC platform. The things that may have stopped it from bringing the glory its console inspiration to the PC may be one of many things, or them all combined. Lack of iconic  and licensed characters that all the gamer playing know and love. Focus on platforming and weaponized combat instead of brawling. Or the mere fact that the PC isn’t really a console that you gather your friends around on the sofa.

But the mistake would be in trying to compare it to Smash Bros. to begin with, because The Showdown Effect stands by its own merit. It’s fast-paced, over-the-top action made for that specific purpose, and executed well with a nice art style. This does not however make it a hit, as many critics agree that it’s good for while, but doesn’t last. The score over on metacritic.com averages out on 67, and the curve is not uneven. It seems to be a game to kill time while waiting for the real gaming session to begin.

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