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Published on December 7th, 2013 | by Nidde


50 gamechangers: Little Inferno

Scan of Hybrid from Level #74

Little Inferno

Format: Unknown
Developer: Tomorrow Corporation
Premiere: Winter

The men behind critically acclaimed things such as World of Goo are going to set the world on fire. At least if we are to interpret the cute logotype where a hand is holding a burning match. Pyromanic suspicion doesn’t exactly lessen with the cryptic question to the fans on Tomorrow Corporation’s website: “what do you want to see set aflame the most?”. It’s looking to be a warm winter.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

When we first played Little Inferno we didn’t really see what was so amazing about it. The next time we played it we believe we saw what Tomorrow Corporation were trying to do and what all the fuzz was about. It’s something you really have to experience for yourself, but the commentary on consumerism and compulsion is a great slap in the face while you burn different combinations of items. Like World of Goo before it, Little Inferno got some great attention when it came out and is a notorious title on the indie scene. But looking at metacritic.com, where the PC-version of the game clocked in at 68, and reading the reviews you can see that not everyone is happy with their experience. What has to happen is that you as a player has to accept what’s going on and what is subtly being told to you, and if you’re not interesting in listening to that and you’re just looking for a game then you’re more than justified to claim it a waste of time. Which is fine, but “artsy-fartsy” reviewers that are willing to buy what is sold seem to united on the front that this is a great experience. But outside of the indie scene there seems to have been less than a revolution, aside from the fact that it not only managed to get on PC, Mac, Linux and iOS, but it was also one of the first indie titles on the Wii U

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