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50 gamechangers: Guns Of Icarus Online

Scan of Guns Of Icarus Online from Level #76

Guns Of Icarus Online

Format: PC, Mac
Developer: Muse Games
Premiere: Autumn

There are studios that have lower ambitions than Muse Games. Guns Of Icarus Online is a steam-punk inspired class based online shooter where the players make up crewmen on a zeppelin. An itchy trigger finger is of course useful for winning aerial combat, but the ships also require constant repairs and a skilled pilot.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

A sequel to Guns Of Icarus with an online component. Playing a crew of buccaneers of the air is great when you have friends to bring on the adventure. After a successful Kickstarter to fund the final development the game shorty there after  the game went into closed beta. While critics averaged out at 64 over on metacritic.com, many of them naming bugs and other performance issues as the main culprit, the game has a nice fanbase which bumped up the user score to 87. So the game is enjoyable, but has issues, and, like most games like it, depends on you finding people to play with that can help with the experience.

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