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Published on April 14th, 2014 | by Nidde


50 gamechangers: Gunpoint

Scan of Gunpoint from Level #76


Format: PC
Developer: Tom Francis
Premiere: TBD

If Deus Ex took place in Canabalt‘s world you’re half way towards the truth about Gunpoint. But Tom Francis’ stealth game is also loaded with a big dose of humor. Francis doesn’t only make games, he writes about them as well. In an interview with Valve he didn’t only ask questions, he also got to answer them. When Gabe Newell is interested in your game you know you’re on the right path.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

While some things might qualify Gunpoint as a puzzle platformer, it’s much more a stealth action puzzle game. And while it is sometimes insures that a game stays interesting and doesn’t overstay its welcome, the short game time of about 3-4 hours seems to be the unified point from critics that makes it average out at 83 on But stating that a great game is too short does not take away from the game itself, only that it leaves you with a thirst for more. Figuring out the most efficient way to rewire alarms, lights, doors and trying your best to hide from guards is pretty simple as first, but it does get difficult and complex enough to make you pause. And a branching story with hilarious dialogue helps out even more.

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