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50 gamechangers: Grandroids: Real Artificial Life

Scan of Grandroids from Level #76

Grandroids: Real Artificial Life

Format: PC, Mac
Developer: Steve Grand
Premiere: 2013

15 years have passed since Creatures – and Steve Grand keeps stretching the outer limits of artificial intelligence.

– I can offer real “strange” lifeforms that live in a virtual world. And I really mean it; genuine artificial life. Virtual creatures constructed from complex branches of virtual braincells, genes and biochemical reactions, he says.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

The quote actually goes like this:

“I can’t promise actual physical aliens from another planet, but I can offer you real ‘alien’ life forms who can live in a virtual world on your computer. And I do mean real. I’m not talking about a computer game designed to simulate lifelike behavior; I mean genuine artificial life. I mean virtual creatures constructed from complex networks of virtual brain cells and biochemical reactions and genes.”

If you look at the state of the game today, it’s like Spore came out 10 years too early. But that’s not the point, while Spore hade a mechanic that would figure out how the creature you built within the limited tools of the game would walk Grandroids is more akin to the life simulators that universities use. It will figure out how said creature would actually walk and not just select from the presets built into the engine. When we’ll see how the progress is going is unsure, because it’s closed to those that did not back the Kickstarter. Except for the dev. blog, which is available, but contains nothing but text.

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  1. Shavonne_5 says:

    I played Creatures 3 to death, and Docking Station was a blast. Cannot wait for Grandroids to come out!

    • Nidde says:

      Actually never played either of those. And while Grandroids does sound interesting I fear it’ll fall out of the picture to make room for other games in my library.

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