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Published on February 20th, 2014 | by Nidde


50 gamechangers: Day Z

Scan of Day Z from LeveL #74

Day Z

Format: PC
Developer: Dean Hall / Matt Lightfoot
Premiere: TBD

How did a zombie mod of the tactical shooter Arma II get the three year old game to top the sales charts again? Maybe because one can really talk about survival horror this time. In Day Z one must certainly avoid hordes of zombies. But in the open multiplayer world one is most terrified when one is standing eye-to-eye with another player.

Image and text scanned and translated from LeveL, issue 76

While still in alpha, Day Z is one of the most popular mods out there. Like Counter-Strike and DotA before it, it has spawned into its own entity and title, and in the process started a whole new subgenre for the survival horror/roguelite players out there. Today we see clones, rip-offs and games with huge similarities pop up and try to claim their own piece of the consumer base. Some ideas may differ enough to be interesting, but Day Z still stands as the gold standard for this new type of gameplay.

Trying to stay alive in the zombie apocalypse by scavenging for food and weapons is only made more nerve-wracking when you realize that any human sees your backpack as a provider of resource just as much as they see a zombie as a provider of threat. So when you and your friend meet up with another crew as you all join together to raid a building for food, ammunitions, and medical supplies you have to ask yourself: Are you going to wait until they turn on you, or are you going to take the first shot to stay alive?

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