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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by Nidde


100 more Greenlights, yet again.

It’s good that developers can get their games out there. But this way isn’t helping us find the good ones, the ones that deserve attention and praise. Why? Because it’s released in a batch of 100 games, there’s no way to test them all so chances are they’re all just getting ignored. Even if you give each game only 5 minutes it’s an entire workday to try each and everyone. And that does not take into account that there’s no chance 5 minutes will be enough to find out if the game is worth to keep playing, the time it takes to install, boot, start, and quit each game. So yeah, even with just a tiny sliver of 20 minutes per game it would still take an entire workweek non-stop.

But yeah, if you’d like to check out the entire list it’s over on Steam.


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